Turnkey service

Design and installation of an in-house training area

Gym design offers a turnkey service for the design and installation of a corporate workout space, starting by establishing employees' needs and interests. There are many reasons to be active in the office: to combat stress, develop team spirit, increase productivity, and more! For business owners and managers, the benefits are clear to see, too: attendance, improved work climate, employee loyalty, etc.(more) Employees' health is also influenced by their work environment, which has become much more sedentary. An estimated 40% of jobs are now sedentary. For these reasons, the workplace is targeted as a privileged place to maintain or develop lifestyle habits compatible with regular physical activity.


Design and installation of an in-house training area

Since its inception, Gym Design has worked with companies of all sizes to create a training room that meets the needs and interests of the team. What's more, Quebec SMEs can currently benefit from funding to promote regular physical activity among their employees, thanks to a program run by the Ministry of Education (MEQ).


Here's how a project with us works:

  • First, we survey your employees to better understand their needs and interests.

  • Our team takes measurements of your space.

  • We draw up a 2D layout plan, specifying electrical and construction requirements (nailing bottoms, etc.).

  • We then create a construction plan with precise equipment specifications. We also consider flooring requirements according to constraints. Our team works in collaboration with your architect and designer.

  • Gym Design presents a budget estimate adapted to the realities of the company.

  • We then take charge of site management from delivery to installation.

    (flooring, equipment, anchoring, materials management, etc.).

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