Gym at home

Turnkey service

Design and installation of a home training area

Our mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle by making physical activity more accessible and attractive. A well-planned, well-designed space is the foundation of your fitness routine. Our expertise allows us to advise you. Our aim is to design a training room that will enable you to reach your goals and enjoy them to the full. Got room in your garage? You think redeveloping your basement? Create a workout corner in your living room? Gym design is there for you!


Here's how a project with us works:

  • We take the measurements of your space.

  • We draw up a 2D layout plan, specifying electrical and construction requirements.

    (nailing bottoms, etc.).

  • We then create a construction plan with precise equipment specifications. We also consider flooring requirements according to constraints.

  • We then work with our kinesiologist to select the right equipment to optimize the use of your space, while respecting your budget.

  • We then take care of delivery and installation.


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